Farmhouse Roastery


Located just 90 miles from New York City, near the picturesque Hudson Valley town of Millerton, is our farmhouse roasting facility in Coleman Station. The roastery and green coffee storage barns stand in the place of two reclaimed barns from the original farm, which date to the turn of the 20th century (circa 1904), in an historic district which was once the principal supplier of milk to all of New York City.

Our roastery houses two American-built Diedrich roasters, a smaller 20 lb roaster and a larger 60 lb capacity roaster. Operations are overseen by our roastmaster, Clyde, who has been at the helm of roasting operations since 2004.

We have a deep commitment to, and respect for, the artisan craftspeople of the Hudson Valley, and strive to carry that tradition in our roasting, by continually innovating while holding quality and craft foremost among our values.

A new, higher capacity, roasting facility is planned nearby this site for 2015, which will accommodate both greater volume and the ability to host public events. We regret that at present, our farmhouse roastery is not open to the public.