On the Road: Lay’s Cappuccino Flavored Potato Chips

In the line of duty, we who work at Irving Farm are occasionally sent to the far reaches of civilization in pursuit of our coffee passions. Here’s a dispatch from Josh Littlefield, who came upon a highly unusual specimen while traveling this week. Variety: Lay’s Cappuccino Flavored Potato Chips Origin: Gas station, northeast corner of

In the Kitchen: Karys Logue, Pastry Chef, Tessa NYC

In our recurring series In the Kitchen, we sit down with the restaurateurs and culinary pros who’ve partnered with Irving Farm to find out more about their inspirations—and of course, their feelings about coffee. In this installment, our newest Irving Farmer Josh Littlefield—pastry-lover, ice-cream connoisseur, and coffee expert, speaks with Karys Logue, Pastry Chef at

Meet the Farmers: Ugo

  Who are you? I’m Ugo. They call me Google, sometimes… only sort of endearingly. How long have you been at Irving Farm? In one capacity or another, I’ve been here a little over four years. What position did you start in? I was first hired to work behind the counter at 56 Seventh Ave—a

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