Irving Farm at United States Barista Championship!

  If you know the Irving Farm family well, you may be lucky enough to know Tamara Vigil, our Director of Education. In between stints enlightening our own baristas with coffee science, and the wonderful cafes and restaurants that use our coffee, Tamara’s spent the last several months training for barista competitions in the Northeast,

Irving Farm Coffee Takes the Stage!

  Join us this week in cheering on two of Irving Farm’s favorite coffees and coffee people in the 2013 Northeast Regional Barista Competition, taking place right here in New York City. This annual event leads up to the United States Barista Championship, and is an exciting way to raise awareness of what great coffee

Focus on Single Origin Coffees

Here at Irving Farm, we think one of the most incredible ways to appreciate coffee is to fine-tune our vision to a specific region and terroir. For this reason, we’re enthralled with Single Origin coffees: coffees that are purely from one specific region or small lot, that we can identify as beautifully unique to their growing origin. Unlike

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