Craft Coffee

We’re super excited to be featured in this month’s @CraftCoffeeCo sampler. We also wish everything we’re a part of looked this nice.


Trying out Craft Coffee — coffee tasting boxes mailed to you once a month filled with 3 different yummy hand selected premium artisan roasters from around the country with sustainability focused coffee! I love it.

This month’s box of beans was from roasters in California, Michigan, and New York and is doing it’s job of waking me up!

Oh, The weather outside is frightful and the roaster is so delightful.
Since there’s no place to go….Let us work….let us work….let us work.

It doesn’t show signs of stopping, so hopefully FedEx is running.
Cuz if theres no coffee to go out…Then were screwed…Then were screwed…Then were screwed.

So now the snow’s a dumping and we now have a warning that there’s a beast a coming.
So let us pray….Let us pray….Let us pray.

—@IrvingFarm Roastmaster, Clyde, waxing poetic on the 4th—er, 5th(??) wave of Snowpocalypse hitting our upstate NY roasting facility.