What’s on the Menu?

Good morning to everyone at the inaugural BioCities event, How Food Systems Shape Cities: Ecological and Economic Perspectives!

The panel discussions at this event focus on issues affecting only more of us each day, as people across the world push further into urban environments. More than half of the human population now live in cities.

We’re happy to be on today’s menu put together by our friends at Whole Foods MarketNeuman’s!

Third Place for Irving Farm in the Brewer’s Cup at the Northeast Regional Barista Competition! Go Tamara!

Last weekend, Irving Farm was involved with this year’s Northeast Regional Barista Competition.  Every year it is a gathering of the best baristas from New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Maryland.  At the event there are two competitions.  The Barista Competition, and the Brewer’s Cup.  This year from Irving Farm our Director of Education Tamara Vigil competed in both competitions and took Third Place in the Brewer’s Cup!